How to Watch Doctor Who Online Free

In 1963, watching Doctor Who meant being at home in front of the TV on a Saturday evening. But times have changed. These days, it’s possible to watch Doctor Who online on your computer, phone, tablet or TV – whenever you want.

In fact, there are a variety of platforms for watching Doctor Who full episodes online. There are streaming and downloading services like Amazon Instant Video, iTunes and Netflix.There are the official catch-up sites like BBC iPlayer and ABC iView. You can buy Doctor Who box sets online from Amazon. And of course, there’s always YouTube.

That’s where this site comes in. We’re here to review and analyze the different methods of watching our beloved sci-fi series online. We show you the platforms, tell you what’s free, what’s not free, which episodes are available and which are unavailable. Then you decide how you want to watch. Deal?

Watch Doctor Who on Amazon

Online retailer Amazon offers you two methods of watching Doctor Who, one of them being discounted box sets. Almost all Doctor Who episodes, plus the 1996 movie, have been released on DVD and/or Blu-ray, and are available to buy discounted from Amazon. For more information on availability and pricing, read our full Doctor Who box sets write-up.

The second way you can watch Doctor Who on Amazon is by streaming it online with the Amazon Instant Video service. This service is available in the U.S., and you can access it for free if you’re an Amazon Prime member.


Amazon Instant Video includes all modern episodes (2005–present), but not the 1996 movie or some of the classic Doctor Who episodes (1963–1989). For more information on episode availability and how you can get the service for free, read our full Doctor Who + Amazon Instant Video write-up.

Watch Doctor Who on iTunes

iTunes, Apple’s online music and video store, makes full Doctor Who episodes available for download around the globe. If you already have credit in your iTunes account, or you have an iTunes gift card, you don’t need to spend any further money to download Doctor Who.

From iTunes, you can download all official episodes from the modern series (2005–present), and some of the episodes from the classic series (1963–1989). To see exactly which episodes are available and how much they cost, read our full Doctor Who + iTunes write-up.

Watch Doctor Who on Netflix

Netflix is a popular video streaming service available in North America, the UK and several other countries. It allows new members a full month of free unlimited use, so it’s one of your available options for watching Doctor Who online free.

On Netflix, you will find most episodes from the modern series (2005–present), classic series (1963–1989) and the 1996 movie. Availability varies between countries due to copyright restrictions, so make sure to read our full Doctor Who + Netflix write-up to check if the episode(s) you want are available.

Watch Doctor Who on BBC iPlayer and

The British Broadcasting Corporation, which produces Doctor Who and broadcasts it around the UK, has an online video streaming service called BBC iPlayer. Every episode of Doctor Who broadcasted on BBC TV – be it a first-run episode or a re-run – is uploaded to iPlayer for 7 days. The full episodes are available to UK residents to stream and watch online, free of charge and without ads.

The BBC frequently repeats Doctor Who episodes, so there is almost always some Doctor Who content available on iPlayer. This includes full episodes of the official series, but also online episodes such as the animated Doctor Who series Dreamland and the mini-episode The Night of the Doctor.

BBC iPlayer also allows you to download episodes to your computer, phone or tablet. This means you can watch full Doctor Who episodes without being connected to the Internet, as many times as you like until the episode expires in iPlayer (usually after 7 days).

Don’t forget that there is also the BBC’s official Doctor Who website, where you can access short clips from every series dating back to 1963. These are free and available worldwide (not just to UK residents). Clips include behind-the-scenes footage, interviews and the following Doctor Who online episodes:

Watch Doctor Who on ABC iView

ABC iView is the video on-demand service of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, which is the Australian broadcaster of Doctor Who. Every episode of Doctor Who that goes to air on the ABC – be it a first-run episode or a re-run – is subsequently uploaded to iView for a certain period of time. Usually, this is 14 days, but is sometimes longer.

If you are an Australian resident, you can stream the latest broadcasted episodes of Doctor Who to your computer, TV or device free of charge. Although there are usually only 14 episodes of Doctor Who per year, ABC regularly screens re-run episodes, and so it is very rare for there to be no Doctor Who content available on iView at any one time.

ABC iView has been known to release first-run Doctor Who episodes before they are screened on TV. In 2012, it released the first 5 episodes of series 7 to iView immediately after they went to air in the UK. (5.10 a.m. in Australia!)

iView also occasionally carries exclusive content not broadcast on TV. For example, in the lead-up to the 50th anniversary in 2013, iView uploaded the 1996 Doctor Who movie and 46 classic Doctor Who episodes online.

iView does not carry any Doctor Who mini-episodes. However, Australian residents can still view these through other media: BBC iPlayer and/or, iTunes or the DVD box sets.

Watch Doctor Who on YouTube

The official Doctor Who YouTube channel uploads clips, trailers and material not seen on TV. Most notably, it’s where you’ll find the two free Doctor Who episodes that were released prior to the 50th anniversary special – The Night of the Doctor and The Last Day.

While the official channel is the best place to start if you want to watch Doctor Who online free on YouTube, there’s more Doctor Who content from other uploaders too. Whovians around the globe upload clips of most episodes, which is very useful if you want to re-watch a particular scene. The best way to find them is to simply use the YouTube search box.

Almost all of the Doctor Who online episodes, some of which would be very difficult to find otherwise, are available to watch online free on YouTube. In some cases, such as the 2006 Tardisodes and the 2011 special Death is the Only Answer, video sites such as YouTube are the only places you can find them.

Get Doctor Who Merchandise from Amazon

While you’re here, why not browse the wide range of Doctor Who merchandise available from Amazon? You can find Doctor Who figures and toys, Dr Who posters, series soundtracks and a diverse range of Who-themed books.

If you’re using, make sure to check out the Doctor Who Store. This special section of the Amazon website features Doctor Who categories such as toys and books, and provides lists of the most popular and highest-rated Doctor Who products.

Some products are only available in some regions, so ensure you are using your local Amazon website (, or similar). Happy shopping!